Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apparently it wasn't one big happy family after all

Apparently Coach Tortorella doesn't share my view about the soon to be former ownership group headed by Bill Davidson. Yesterday's Ice Fest celebration included a question and answer session with the fiery head coach of the Lightning. I didn't catch the session since I was stuck in line waiting for an autograph from Vinny Prospal and his sporting pink shirt.

I'm always intrigued by the behind the scene scuffles that aren't reported by the players so it king of makes me wonder what the head coach was referring to in his following comment. According to the St Pete Times when Coach was asked about the departing group he fired off with the following response:

"The guy who I'm glad is the hell out of here is Tom Wilson because he's the one who has put obstacle after obstacle in front of us. Who knows? This deal might not go through, and they'd still be here. I really don't care."

Now I like Tortorella. His intensity and combative nature is a welcome relief from all of the player pandering coaches and mangers currently working in professional sports. He does, however, have a tendency to run his mouth a bit too much.

I have a feeling that the new owners won't be quite so willing to have a coach willing to speak his mind so freely. In an article also on the St Pete times website beat writer Damian Cristodero describes new owner Doug MacLean as one who "gets in the first word, always wants the last, and gives you a few choice ones in between". Sounds a lot like Mr. Tortorella.

As someone who follows the club it could lead to some interesting times, but I have a feeling this will end badly, very badly. Coach Tortorella had a very long leash with the old owners. Not many groups would have allowed him to bench the supposed saviour of the franchise as he has done more than once with Vincent Lecavalier.

There is a new regime in town and based on what I've read about Mr. MacLean it's a whole lot different than the one that just waltzed out of the arena. Tortorella doesn't change his style for anyone and I have a feeling it may cost him his job.

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