Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carl Crawford is on the Wantlist

So for some reason, perhaps it was the euphoria brought on by a nice helping of waffles, I’ve decided to collect the whole Carl Crawford spectrum from the 2008 Allen & Ginter set. Thanks to some generous traders I’ve already knocked out the relics, but still need most of the other parallels. So if you have them collecting dust in your collection and Carl Crawford Cards or The TROLL (those prolific trading bast*rds!) haven’t gotten their meat hooks into yet then shoot me an email!

Here’s what I still need:

Carl Crawford – Autograph
Carl Crawford – Red Ink Autograph
Carl Crawford – Dick Perez Sketch
Carl Crawford – Mini
Carl Crawford – Mini A&G Back
Carl Crawford – Mini Bazooka
Carl Crawford – Mini Black Border
Carl Crawford – Mini Framed Cloth
Carl Crawford – Mini No Number
Carl Crawford – Mini Wood


Carl Crawford Cards said...

That's awesome! I'll keep my eyes out, so good luck. It'd be pretty cool if the biggest (friendly) rivalry on the sphere was between 3 Rays fans.

Collective Troll said...

Just re-reading this post... I am a CC swiping bastard, but I am in the same boat with you on 2008 A and G... Its still tough to find... I do like the friendly rivalry between you, me and Paul and I like that there are other Rays fans out there too!