Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trade Bait!!!!! Topps 2009 Series II

Who wants cards that they don't have already? Anyone? Anyone? Is this thing on?

So a couple of weeks ago my local card shop had a good deal on a 2009 Series II Jumbo Box. I'm a sucker for discounted boxes so I picked it up. It definately wasn't a hot box, but I was able to sell a couple of cards to offset a bit of the cost (ebay is your friend!).

Anyway, enough rambling. Take a gander at the cards below and let me know if you want any. Email me or leave a comment.

The cards are (from the top going left to right)

Fred Lewis Career Best Auto
Octavio Dotel Career Best Jersey
Derek Jeter Team USA World Baseball Classic
Jorge De La Rosa Black Border #'d 20/58
Derek Jeter Turkey Red
Derek Jeter Gold Border #'d 644 / 2009

Lots of Jeter'y goodness!


Collective Troll said...

I might be interested in the Dotel jersey... I have a bunch of stuff for you, but I am unorganized badly... I have CC, Roberts and Huff cards set aside for you-just waiting to make sure they are actually dupes...

madding said...

I'm interested in the Jeter Turkey Red and any other extra Turkey Reds that you might have.