Monday, October 26, 2009

Grrr These Guys Make me Angry!!!

Yesterday, while watching Fernando Torres save Rafa Benitez’s job today I realized that no matter how much you like a certain team there are always going to be players you don’t care for playing for them. I suppose I could say hate, but that word (like the word “great”) is overused. So let’s make a list. The Wasteland’s List of Players That Make Us Angry. Grrrrrr.

Liverpool - Lucas

Of all the one named Brazilian players playing in organized soccer, why oh why did Liverpool sign this guy? Lucas, which I’m assuming is Portuguese for midfielder that wanders around and occasionally misses a pass or blasts a shot ten rows into the Kop, has been with the team since the 2007-08 season. With the departure of Xabi Alonso, Lucas has played in all of the Premier League games but has yet to find the back of the net. In fact he hasn’t even garnered an assist yet. He does not play “the beautiful game”. It’s more like a sort of confused, ugly game.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Lukas Krajicek

No, I haven’t sworn a vendetta against athletes named Lukas. Currently a consistently healthy scratch, Krajicek actually led Lightning defensemen in ice time last season. Don’t read that as being any indication of his talent, unless the talent is remaining healthy on a team that was decimated by injuries.

At 6’3” and 205 lbs, the 26-year-old doesn’t play a physical game. Nor does he play a particularly offensive game. His number one move seems to be pitch forking the puck out of his own zone into center ice. A move he uses on such a consistent basis that The Wasteland has dubbed him “The Farmer”.

Lightning fans wish him more playing time only so that a team desperate for defense might take him off the team’s hands.

Baltimore Orioles - Danys Baez

It’s not so much Baez as the fact that he’s getting paid $19 million to be an average middle reliever. Well let’s say he got paid $19 million, he’s now a free agent. Let’s see what kind of production that type of money buys:

2007 53 games 50.1 innings 0 wins 6 losses 3 saves 6.44 ERA
2008 out injured
2009 59 games 71.2 innings 4 wins 6 losses 0 saves 4.02 ERA

Wow. Even by Orioles’ standards that is a bad return on their investment.

Baltimore Ravens

This was a tough one. For one thing I pretty much like the team that Ozzie Newsome has assembled. Also, there are so many back up linebackers, special teams players, third string long snappers, etc it’s hard to get a feel for everyone on the team.

So for lack of a better choice I’m going with Willis McGahee, and it’s strictly fantasy football related. I’m starting Ray Rice in both of my leagues this year, and while he’s been one of the steals of the draft he isn’t exactly a touchdown machine. Why? Because a certain touchdown vulture by the name of Willis McGahee is taking them away!

The former University of Miami star has only 45 carries this season, yet five of those have resulted in touchdowns. He’s listed at 235lbs, but I doubt he’s more than 220 lbs and who has every heard of a goal line back who’s 6’0 220 lbs? I figure he’s cost me at least 18 points over the season.

So who else has players they don’t care for out there?


beardy said...

I agree with both Baltimore choices, and have Ray Rice in one of my leagues as well. Luckily for me, it's a keeper league. Willis will be gone next year.

jackplumstead said...

Wow I didn't have you down as a Liverpool Fan!?

Justin G. said...

Beardy - I was kind of surprised Willis wasn't moved last off-season. Hopefully he scores a few more TD's and then some other team overpays for him next year.

Jack - Yeah, I follow the Reds. I'm trying to write a little more about them, but I'm not that up to speed on the EPL overall...

by the way, thanks again for the extra rays cards...there are some sox cards on the way across the pond!