Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick Hits Monday Night Football Edition

- The Lightning Weekly Roundup is postponed until I can think of something good to say about the team. After watching Monday's game against the Caps it might be awhile.

- Why would the Rays trade one bad contract (Pat Burrell) for another (Milton Bradley)? Throw in Bradley's on the field antics and the fact that the Rays would be on the hook for two more years instead of just one for Burrell and it becomes even more puzzling. Even if the Cubs picked up 70% of the contract the headaches that come with the Bradley would not be worth it.

- That being said, I would have to consider the rumoured BJ Upton and Wade Davis for Roy Holladay deal. I don't see the Blue Jays taking it but if it's on the table I think the Rays have to do it. Picking up one of the elite starters in the league immediately puts the Rays back into contention.

- The Ravens are done. As I'm typing this they are down 10 and Joe Flacco just threw his 2nd interception in as many passing attempts. There are just too many holes on this team (weak secondary, ineffective passing game, inability to make a stop on 3rd down, no big play receiver) to make a serious playoff run.

- If I get to be the O's GM this offseason I forget about big time names and sign Nick Johnson to a two year deal, Joe Crede to a one year deal, and make a run at Rich Harden. That gives you a year to develop the young corner players (Brandon Snyder and Josh Bell) and saves money for next year's much more attractive free agent crop.

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