Tuesday, April 10, 2007


After raving about the defense in my last post the Rays go out and blow it all to hell. Three errors and 5 unearned runs in tonight's 12-6 loss to the Rangers. Whoops make that 12-7 loss.

This is the latest in the long series of jinxes that I have unleashed on the sporting world. Just last fall I wrote a great post about Lightning forward Ryan Craig (Craiggers!) and boom goes the knee. He's out for a month. Make it a 12-9 loss. I should really wait till the end of the game to post a blog.

Anyway back to the curses. Along with the Craig injury I have a long line of autograph curses. Basically if I obtain an autograph from a Tampa sports personality they will be traded or released within a year. "Aki-knock" I think I like that term from Mr Dewayne Staats. 7 game hitting streak for the Japanese import. Dukes finally flys out to end the game. It's officially a 12-9 loss.

Back to the curse. So far the only one to survive the curse is Vincent Lecavalier. Just last year I scored 'graphs from Aubrey Huff, Nick Green, Toby Hall and Travis Harper. All of them were gone within 7 months or so. I guess that's bad news for Casey Fossum - I had him sign a card at Fan Fest this February.

Oh well. That's all for now.

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