Thursday, April 5, 2007

Unlike the Bucs, the Rays can win in the snow

Just a few notes from tonight's game:

-Spare me the Elijah Dukes/ski mask jokes. Although does anyone notice that he seems to have based his swing on Willie Mays Hayes?

- Yeoman's effort from Jae Seo today. Too bad he doesn't get the win thanks to the bullpen.

- Excellent job by the hitters in the early innings to take advantage of Andy Pettite's wildness to make him build up the pitch count and get him out of the game early. Yes that was a run-on sentence. It was probably grammatically incorrect as well.

- Al Reyes - closer. Mark it down. Thanks to Rays' Network for the deceptive camera angle on the final out. I thought Posada hit into the second deck at first.

- Aki Iwamura - all he does is score runs.

- Snow in the 8th inning? Like Joe Maddon said in the pre-game interview playing in this type of weather will get them used to playoff baseball. Joe Sunshine - optimistic as always...

That's it.

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