Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Summer Time Here in the TBA and That Means One Thing

It's time for the RED TIDE!

Not the Crimson Tide, there will no rolling of the Tide.

I'm talking about red tide. As defined by the Internet's Great Book of Knowledge (Wikipedia), red tide is defined as, ahem:

a common name for a phenomenon more correctly known as an algal bloom, an event in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae accumulate rapidly in the water column.

Now I'm not sure what all that means, but I know it results in a lot of dead fish washing up on the beach. A lot of people blame the algae bloom on farmers whose pesticides was off into the Gulf of Mexico, but those people would blame the Kennedy assassination on farmers if they could.

What does that have to with this blog? Well, not much. I am, however, launching my own version of the Red Tide. Instead of innocent fish, my victims will be innocent bloggers who trade with me.

The first victim, Chris over atSac Bunt . Victim number two will be John Across the Pond (as soon as I find his address again). So be warned all ye who dare enter the trading waters with this post!

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