Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mail Call!


Would rather find the following in the mailbox:

(a) Jury Summons
(b) Credit Card Bill
(c) Yellow Padded Envelope from Wax Heaven

I think we all know what the answer to that one is.

As a quasi player collector I was lucky enough to get Carl Crawford’s name in Mario’s Card Directory. For those of you not familiar, Mario is quite the focused collector. When he breaks a set and doesn’t get a current Marlin lefthander or a former home run hitting, needle injecting, tell-all-book writing slugger he gives the rest of cards away.

As I mentioned I have Crawford’s name so I was excited to find out which cards were in the package that my fellow Floridian sent north.

Here are some highlights:

The Crawford collection increases by four. Oddly enough I also needed the Heritage and the base Topps for the sets I’m trying to put together. I have zero luck when it comes to pulling Crawford’s from packs.

Above are the favorites from the rest of the cards that Mario was generous enough to throw in. Pat Burrell gets team checklist duties in his first appearance in a Rays uniform in an Upper Deck set. Fernando Perez, the Rays resident aspiring gets a Bowman rookie card. Hopefully, he should be on the mend soon and back in the line up. Carlos is shiny, I can see why people enjoy the Topps Finest set.

That’s it for now. Thanks Mario!

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Collective Troll said...

yeah, nothing beats an envelope from wax heaven... looks like ya got some good stuff. i am jealous!
go rays!!!