Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Choose Door Number One in Let's Make a Deal!!!!!

George Sherrill is heading back to the west coast.

Andy McPhail traded Sherrill and his extremely flat bill to the Dodgers for third base prospect Josh Bell and right handed pitcher Steve Johnson.

Bell is a switch hitting power prospect whse swing can get a little long leading to strikeouts. It looks like he could be the replacement for Melvin Mora as rumours are circulating that the boys in the warehouse aren't going to pick up the father of eight.

Johnson is the son of former Oriole pitcher Davey Johnson (the pitcher not the second basemman). From what I can find out in my exhaustive (all of five minutes!) he can touch the low 90's and relies on a sinking fastball to get outs.

Sherrill was a bit of a cult favorite in Baltimore during his realitivly brief stay as the O's closer. However, it never seemed he was part of the future as his name was on the trading block almost constantly since his arrival from Seattle.

How well this trade turns out for the O's is yet to be determined. If Bell makes the roster next year and produces this could be a steal. For those quick to call it a bust remember that everyone thought Luke Scott was just a throw in for Tejada, that seems to have worked out well.

A little bit less than 24 hours to go, we'll see if anyone else follows Sherrill.

My leading candidates would be:

Cla Meredith

None of those names would garner much in return, but might provide some young pitching depth.

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