Friday, August 14, 2009

Lightning Trade Artyukhin and an announcement.

Pearls Before Swine

I'm done with reading comments on certain sports pages that cover my favorite team. Too much hatred out there. At first it seemed like the comments pages provided information and helpful links, now they're just filled with hate filled invectives at players, coaches or other posters.

In the best interests of my mental health and blood pressure I'm done reading them. I think the internet would be a slightly better place if people weren't allowed to post a comment on a story for 24 hours. Passion is one thing, but the negativity that is overtaking reason is getting out of hand.

Oh, and the Lightning traded the Russian Freight Trane Evgeny Artyukhin to Anaheim for Drew Miller and a 3rd round pick. It seems Miller will be another name in the hat for a spot on the third or fourth line.

The good news is that it frees up even more cap space that can be used to conclude the long courtship of Alex Tanguay.

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