Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mail Call!

Mail day. Is there anything better than having those little yellow envelopes in the mail? Probably, but it’s still pretty cool. The other day I wandered down to the mailbox and saw that Mr. Mailman had dropped not one, but TWO envelops in the ol’ mail slot. Good times indeed.

Envelope #1 -

Courtesy of JD’s Daddy from JD's Wild Cardz

I sent him some Heritage 2009 extras that I had in exchange for a 2009 Icons Scott Kazmir relic card. It’s shiny and Scott looks like he’s pitching from the stretch. Something that he’s done quite a bit over the past two seasons.

Mike also threw in a few Evan Longoria cards. The 09 Topps base is probably my favorite since it features a Ray and the good ol’ Topps All Star Rookie trophy. One of these days I’m going to start collecting all of the cards that feature the iconic trophy on it.

Envelope #2 -

Courtesy of Chris from Nacho’s Grande aka FanOfReds

Chris helped me clear out some 2009 Allen and Ginter extras and minis that were taking up space on my desk. In return he was going to hook me up with a Carl Crawford Heritage jersey card and “some assorted rays/orioles cards”. Nice, that’s right up my dual collecting alley.

Above you see the highlights out of the 28 cards he sent me. I love the Dick Perez sketch cards. The 1993 Topps Gregg Olsen reminds of what it was like back when the O’s had a closer. The 1988 first round pick racked up 160 saves in six years with the O’s including 27 in the magical 1989 “Why Not” season where a rusty nail was the only thing that kept the O’s out of the postseason.

Chris also knocked off two cards from my 2009 Topps wanted list and one more of my 2008 Allen & Ginter (less than 10 to go!).

Thanks a lot guys!

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