Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reminder - The Great Football Giveaway

I'm still trying to clear out the card closet and all of my football cards are up for trade.

Honestly, I'm not looking for much in return. The goal, after all, is to reduce the collection. As a matter of fact all I want is one card. That card may be, in order:

1. A Carl Crawford Card
2. A Vincent Lecavalier Card
3. A Baltimore Orioles relic or auto card (or otherwise shiny card)
4. A Tampa Bay Lightning relic, auto, or shiny card
5. A Tampa Bay Rays card, relic, auto, etc. etc.

For most teams I have about 200 cards from the mid 2000's and you would get anything that has that teams logo on it, rookie cards, auto cards, serial numbered cards, etc. I'm not holding onto anything.

If you're interested click here for the teams that are available and then shoot me an email. First come, first served.

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

crap. how did I miss this??? *sigh* Dallas is gone already......

well, I'll send out some packs of goodies for you in exchange for ... well, you decide.