Saturday, January 16, 2010

If I Was In Las Vegas Part II

So last week started out well. I went 2-0 on Saturday and then crashed back to earth on Sunday with a nice 0-2. The consolation prize for splitting the week was watching the Ravens pick apart the rotting corpse of the Patriots dynasty.

Now as we move into the second week of playoffs the number one seeds get involved and things get a little more difficult. Do the upstart Jets and Ravens keep rolling over the higher seeds or do they succumb to their inherent flaws?

Which Farve are we going to see this weekend? If it's the one from early in the season then the Vikings roll, if it's Gunslinger Brett then they're in trouble.

Without anymore crappy analysis let's get to the game. As always the lines are based on the current odds posted in Saturday's St Pete Times (one of the Top 10 Sports Sections in the Country!)

ARIZONA (+7) at New Orleans - The Saints defense thrives on turnovers, but Kurt Warner isn't going to give them any. It could turn out to be a shootout like last week and I think that leaves a rusty team like New Orleans at a disadvantage.

at INDIANAPOLIS (-6.5) vs Baltimore - I want to talk myself into the Ravens this week, but it's tough. Peyton Manning owns them haven won seven in a row. He will have too many options (something Tom Brady didn't have last week) for the Ravens to cover. If the team from Baltimore wants to have a chance they need to dominate in the running game and keep Manning off the field. And yes I'm also counting on the reverse jinx factor as well.

DALLAS (+3) at Minnesota - I don't trust Brett Farve.

at SAN DIEGO (-7) vs N.Y. Jets - This was tough, but I think the Chargers run away with this one. The Jets will try to muck it up and make it an ugly game, but I'm feeling two Mark Sanchez interceptions will turn the game for San Diego.

Bonus Prediction compliments of Link in Pittsburgh - Ed Reed will return an interception for a touchdown - lateral free.

If you're in the Tampa Bay Area c'mon out to Varsity Club on US 19 and Sunset Point Road for the game tonight.

P.S. Guess who has two thumbs and is attending the Orioles Fan Fest in Baltimore next week? THIS GUY!!!!!

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Jeremy said...

"....watching the Ravens pick apart the rotting corpse of the Patriots dynasty."

That's a pretty good line. Haha. I like it, especially since it's the Patriots. I don't like them much.