Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time to See What Hath the Mailman Bringith

I know some people don't like maildays, but hey part of the reason I have this blog is to showcase trades and acquisitions. The generosity of the people out there should be showcased. So here we go:

This first one wasn't sent in the mail, I actually picked it up at the flea market a week or so ago.

A Peter Bondra 1998-99 Pacific Aurora Atomic Laser. I'm not sure what I like more - the die-cut holes (to make the card more aerodynamic I guess) or the sparsely attended arena in the background.

The next was an e-bay pickup. Good bless having money in a paypal account.

A 2008-09 Vincent Lecavalier Black Diamond Quad Diamond base card. These are short printed (about one a box I believe) so I know there is no way I was ever going to pull it from a box. On a side note the shipper sent this in a top loader, wrapped in a printout of the auction information and then placed in a white envelope. I don't mind the white envelope, but don't charge me $3.00 in shipping for that.

Another ebay pickup.

2005 Carl Crawford SPXtreme Stats relic. It's numbered to 130, making it the second lowest print run of a Crawford card that I own. All for $.99! The corner is a little dinged, but since it's a personal collection card I don't mind too much.

Thanks to the Troll for getting me one card closer to completion on the 2008 Allen & Ginter. I've made arrangements to make sure the set is completed within the next week or so.

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