Saturday, January 9, 2010

If I Was In Vegas....

Time for me to do something that hundreds of thousands of others are doing (or have already done). I'm going to pick the winners of this week's playoff games. Well let's say these are the bets I would be making if I happened to be in Vegas.

The lines are based on what's posted in this morning's St Pete Times. Home team is in all caps.

N.Y. Jets (+2) over CINCINNATI

Because when you can bet on a rookie quarterback on the road in a playoff game - you have to do it!

DALLAS (-3) over Philadelphia

When you have a chance to bet on a team that hasn't won a playoff game since 1996 0 you have to do it!

NEW ENGLAND (-3) over Baltimore

I have zero confidence in Baltimore's secondary and ability to not take stupid penalties.

Green Bay (pk) over ARIZONA

No magic for Kurt Warner this year

I in no way find it ironic that I'm posting this while watching MTV's True Life: I've got a gambling problem is on.

1 comment:

Big Mike said...

Those gamblers were weak. True life needs to step it up.

Bring your list of 10 cards you want. I may have some.